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Police seize submachine gun in bikie raid

Yahoo!7 February 14, 2013, 12:00 pm

Firearms, including a loaded, home-made submachine gun, have been seized from a Finks clubroom in Adelaide.

Police say they seized the weapons from the gang’s Thebarton clubrooms during raids following after the bashing of a gang member at the Salisbury clubrooms yesterday afternoon.

In that incident, a 45-year-old Finks member sustained severe head injuries in what police describe as a ‘vicious assault’.

He was taken to the Royal Adelaide Hospital where he was found to have two collapsed lungs, a broken jaw and other facial fractures.

Police say that at this time, they believe the assault occurred as part of an internal conflict within the Finks bikie gang.

Detective Superintendent John De Candia said police conducted a number of searches following the attack.

He said that in addition to the loaded submachine gun, police located a loaded 8mm handgun and a blood-stained, broken pool cue - which they believe may be connected to the assault.

“Police continue to take every opportunity to remove firearms from criminals,” Det Supt De Candia said.

“Police have been saying for too long that outlaw motorcycle gangs are using firearms in their criminal activities, whether it be for intimidation, extortion or serious and organised crime.

“This is just another example of their willingness to operate outside of the law.”

Police say no one has been charged, but investigations are continuing.


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