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I'm like a rock star, says bikie

Vincenzo Focarelli

Vincenzo Focarelli gives a timeout sign outside the Adelaide Magistrates Court. Picture: Greg Higgs

DESPITE three attempts on his life, Vincenzo Focarelli isn't worried about keeping a low profile.

The gang boss has apparently taken to social network sites to taunt his rivals, bragging about being "the only man on the planet with nine lives" who "feels like a rock star" from all the media attention generated by his narrow escapes.

"Give up Boys! I'm still here!" is one comment on a Facebook fan page in his name, which has been "liked" by 48 people, including his family and supporters.

It was posted on December 16, the day after surviving his third assassination attempt after being shot in the leg at Munno Para West.

Amid posts of support, Focarelli muses at how he finds it "extremely funny seeing myself on the news every night".

"Lol! Im just an ordinary guy who runs a small business. Not sure if im a rock star but i do feel like one haha!" he wrote on Thursday - the day of his first public appearance after his third assassination attempt with a brief hearing in the Adelaide Magistrates Court over pub brawling charges.

The posts coincided with the release the same day of a seven-minute YouTube video about the Comanchero club and Focarelli as its "commander", apparently produced by stepson Giovanni.

For a family that is fast becoming Adelaide's answer to Sydney's notorious Ibrahim family, the video - which shows the gang leader flexing, getting a tattoo and shadow-boxing - only further raises their profile and taunts rival gangs.

University of South Australia legal analyst Professor Rick Sarre said it was "the most bizzare thing" for a bikie gang to have a YouTube clip and Facebook fan pages.

"The last group you would expect would be what are typically secretive organisations that pride themselves on being out of the public eye," he said.

"I don't know why they're doing it - it could be taunting (other gangs), it could be taunting the police."

Dr Sarre said the social networking could also be in part "a recruitment drive" as well as "a bit of bravado".

Focarelli also took to the site to vent after being slapped with a defect notice by police just minutes after Thursday's court appearance. "Gee wonder why soooo many people take the law into their own hands these days," he wrote.

"Get pulled over in my new VE Commodore, within 100m pulled over & defected for no F***ING REASON!!! F***ING PIG BULLIES IN BLUE!!!"

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