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Hells Angels hopeful 'shot son of former Fink Mark Sandery'

Shooting at Semaphore

Two men broke into this Semaphore house, smashed windows and shot the son of Finks club member Mark Sandery.


A PROSPECTIVE Hells Angels member fired shots into the bedroom of a former Finks member's children, hitting his son twice in the leg, a court has heard.

Aaron Cluse, 21, of no fixed address, appeared in the Adelaide Magistrates Court yesterday charged with offences including aggravated acts to endanger life.

Police allege Cluse was one of up to four people who stormed the Semaphore home of former Fink Mark Sandery in September last year, when Sandery's 11-year-old son was shot.

Magistrate Bob Harrap refused to grant Cluse bail in any form, saying the allegations were "serious", he was considered a flight risk and protection of the community was paramount.

The court heard Cluse was a prospective member of the Hells Angels outlaw motorcycle gang and that his father was a full member interstate.

Police allege that at 10.20pm on September 30, Cluse and three or four others broke into Sandery's home at Military Rd, Semaphore, by smashing several windows and bashing down the front door.

"At least two persons gained access inside ... then a number of shots were fired from a handgun into a bedroom occupied by two children," the police prosecutor said. "There was an 11-year-old and a nine-year-old boy sleeping in separate single beds at the time.

"The 11-year-old was struck (by bullets) in the upper left leg and lower left leg near his ankle," he said.

"The victim himself stated he was asleep, then awoken by the noise of people running through the house."

Police recovered a hammer from the Semaphore home that allegedly had Cluse's DNA on it.

Glass fragments were also found inside Cluse's car, that police said were from the crime scene.

Cluse was first questioned by police about the shooting in mid-December.

Several days later, Cluse's former residence at Burton was shot at more than 14 times, the court heard.

"Then in January this year the same premises was the subject of a deliberate arson attack that caused $150,000 damage," the prosecutor said.

Aaron Almeida, for Cluse, said his client had been in contact with police since December and was not a flight risk. Mr Harrap remanded Cluse in custody to appear again in May.

Police prosecutors said the investigation into the shooting was continuing.


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