A 2-guage shotgun and two .22 repeater rifles were found in the Rockmachine HQ in O'Connor.

A 12-gauge shotgun and two .22 repeater rifles were found in the Rock Machine HQ in O'Connor.

Three sawn-off guns and ammunition have been uncovered during a police raid of the Rock Machine bikie gang clubhouse in O'Connor.

Gang crime squad police raided the property yesterday afternoon and seized one 12-guage shotgun and two .22 repeater rifles.

The guns had been sawn off and the serial numbers removed. The weapons were not loaded but ammunition was found nearby.

Nobody was at the premises at the time of the raids.

Detective Senior Sergeant Jeff Christmass said forensic testing was being carried out on the weapons to ascertain whether they had been used in a previous crime.

"The conditions these firearms were found in leaves us little doubt that these were intended to be used for some sinister means," he said.

"It's a concern for us that we are finding these types of firearms in the community."

It is believed the O'Connor clubhouse was only established in the past few months.

For months, Rock Machine members have been involved in a feud with rival bike gang Rebels. Detective Senior Sergeant Christmass said police were working to stop the conflict.

"We're confident that we are making considerable headway into stopping that conflict, and as you can see in recent months there hasn't been any major activity on that front, which is of great benefit not only to WA police but the community in general," he said.

No charges have been laid over the haul.