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NSW police defend results from bikie raids

By Vincent Morello, Police Reporter, AAP Updated April 27, 2012, 5:22 pm

Police fighting Sydney's bikie war have dismissed suggestions that their latest attempt to end a spate of drive-by shootings has resulted in limited success.

More than 160 officers from Strike Force Kinnarra raided 18 properties across western Sydney at dawn (AEST) on Friday.

They were all linked to members and associates of the warring Nomads and Hells Angels bikie gangs, including the Merrylands home of former Nomads' bikie boss Sam Ibrahim.

Officers seized two firearms, other weapons including knuckledusters, mobile phones and quantities of illegal drugs.

They also seized gang colours and other gang paraphernalia and charged an 18-year-old Hells Angels member from Auburn with a number of drug, firearm and organised crime offences.

The charges relate to a double-barrel shotgun, a shortened rifle, ammunition and drugs seized from a Parramatta unit in January.

A 36-year-old Hells Angels member was charged with obstructing a police warrant and granted bail.

Acting assistant commissioner Mal Lanyon rejected suggestions the operation produced woeful results.

"It's not dismaying," Mr Lanyon told reporters on Friday.

"It's actually an outstanding result.

"I'm very confident that out of today's raids that people will be charged with additional offences."

Mr Lanyon would not reveal the specific information that police put before the court to justify the warrant needed for the operation.

He also said those targeted in the raids most likely knew they were being investigated but justified Friday's raids as part of a larger strategy to stop reprisals from the 23 shootings in April.

The raids do not mean that negotiations between police and bikie gangs have broken down, Mr Lanyon said.

NSW Opposition Leader John Robertson said Premier Barry O'Farrell must take action to ban bikie gangs under state legislation.

"Outlawing these gangs will send the message once and for all that violent shootings occurring among family homes in suburban Sydney will not be tolerated," Mr Robertson said in a statement.

NSW Attorney-General Greg Smith said on Friday that police will have a tough time enforcing a ban on bikies wearing their colours in Sydney's Kings Cross nightclub district.

The ban came into force on Friday at 58 pubs, clubs and restaurants, a week after it was announced by the government.

Asked if he thought the regulation could be easily enforced among outlaw motorcycle gangs (OMCG) and banned criminal groups, Mr Smith said: "No, I don't."

"They'll put us to the test as they generally do but with strong resolve, I'm sure we'll be able to succeed," he told ABC Radio on Friday.

The ban gives Kings Cross licensees the right to refuse entry to anyone wearing clothing, jewellery or accessories with a link to 23 OMCGs and crime gangs.


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