Adelaide bikie war escalates - Finks member hurled off Marino cliff by comrades

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Adelaide members of the Finks are involved in a vicious internal feud.
Source: The Courier-Mail

A SENIOR member of the Finks bikie gang has narrowly survived an attempt to kill him after being bashed and thrown off a cliff at Marino in Adelaide's southern suburbs.

The violent incident, the latest in an ongoing internal dispute between Finks members, occurred on Friday night and is now the subject of an intensive police investigation.

Sources said the latest incident is believed to be directly linked to the bashing of a well-known Finks member at the gang's Thebarton clubrooms several weeks ago.

The victim, 26, is well-known to police. He operates a southern suburbs fast food outlet and has been a target of several police operations in recent years.

Police believe he was subjected to a severe bashing sometime on Friday night at an unknown location before being taken to the Marino cliff adjacent Cove Rd.

He was then thrown down the cliff face and eventually came to rest on rocks around 10m below.


He was found by people walking along the beach early Saturday and taken to Flinders Medical Centre where he remains in a satisfactory condition.

He suffered severe facial injuries and several fractures as a result of the incident.

He told police he had fallen from the cliff, but suspicions were aroused when blood was found at the top of the cliff.

A short time later a silver Peugeot hatchback was found burnt out at Brooks Rd at Clarendon that police believe is linked to the incident.

The conflict is the most significant within Adelaide's bikie gangs since the Vince Focarelli/Hells Angels war and the dispute involving former Fink Mark Sandery and the Hells Angels that saw Sandery's young son shot twice in the legs during an attempt on his life.

Both of those disputes have been quelled for the time being with both Focarelli and Sandery in prison awaiting trial on various offences.

Senior police hold fears the Finks dispute could spill over in a public and place innocent people at risk.

Police are seeking anyone who may have seen the silver Peugeot hatchback at Marino on Friday night to contact them.