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Court hears horrifying 'Hunger Games' ordeal of teenager in bikie 'Hunger Games' terror

Robert Schilter with Rebels boss Tony 'Shake' Garven

Robert Schilter with Rebels boss Tony 'Shake' Garven, who was sentenced to four years' jail for kidnapping and terrorising a Coffs Harbour teen. Source: The Sunday Telegraph

Robert George Schilter

Rebels member Robert Schilter arriving at court last week (left) was given a two-year suspended sentence. Source: The Sunday Telegraph

A TERRIFIED teen was forced to strip naked at gunpoint before being ordered to run for his life in a sadistic "Hunger Games" pursuit in bushland near Coffs Harbour.

Rebels Motorcycle Club boss Tony "Shake" Garven told the 16-year-old he would be hunted down and killed in a "street justice" payback.

The horrifying details emerged in Downing Centre District court last week when Garven was sentenced to four years' jail after Judge Greg Woods found him guilty of waging a war of "vigilante justice".

Both the victim, who can't be identified, and his mum are "shocked and dismayed at the leniency of the sentence".

"The young fellow is extremely fearful and expressed his concerns for his own safety and doesn't believe the sentences protect him," a spokesman for the family said.

The boy's ordeal began when Garven and two other men kicked in the door to the teen's apartment and kidnapped him.


The court heard they beat him and dragged him into a car which was driven by Rebels member Robert Schilter.

Garven bit the teen's ear and repeatedly punched him in the face during the drive to secluded bushland. Garven later pointed a shotgun in the teen's face and said "I'm gunna (sic) kill you, you f. . .ing c. . .", court documents said.

Garven then said: "your clothes", indicating for the 16-year-old to strip naked, court documents said.

The teen was then told to "run" and he "jumped into the bush", court documents said. Thinking he would be executed, the youth hid in the dense scrub listening as Garven's car drove past, court documents said.

The teenager spent two hours in the wilderness before finding a farmer on a nearby property who gave the teen a towel and called his mother.

Court documents said the teenage told a friend: "I was shit scared and thought they were going to kill me".

The teen's terror paralleled that portrayed by the young characters in the movie blockbuster The Hunger Games -- running through a dark forrest, thinking he is going to die.

The bikie pointed a sawn-off shotgun at the boy, ordered him to strip and said: "You're dead, c. . ., I know a good place to bury you," tendered court documents said.

The court heard the boy was one of several victims Garven targeted after Rebels associate John O'Loughlin was bashed by one of the teen's friends.

Another victim was grabbed by Garven in a "full nelson wrestling position" and had his face bashed into a freezer 20 times, court documents said.

The court heard O'Loughlin chased the teen in Garven's car after the youth shouted, "F. . . the kebab shop" as he drove past a takeaway shop associated with the Rebels.

O'Loughlin crashed into the teen's car, forcing it off the road at 10.30pm on December 22, 2008. But O'Loughlin was severely beaten and hospitalised by another man who was in the car with the teen.

In delivering the sentence, Judge Woods told the court that Garven arrived at the scene and said he wanted to "kill anyone who was involved in that incident".

Judge Woods said Garven's actions were "wholly and without justification".

Schilter was given a two-year suspended jail sentence for his role in the kidnapping.

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