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Bikie to face bedside hearing of drug charges

Updated February 03, 2012 08:19:08

Vincenzo Focarelli, the self-proclaimed Comancheros bikie gang leader, is expected to face a hospital bedside court hearing on Friday on drug possession charges.

Focarelli, 37, is recovering in the Royal Adelaide Hospital after the latest apparent attempt on his life.

Crime Gangs taskforce detectives arrested him for alleged possession of a controlled substance and 12 bail breaches.

Meanwhile, a senior judge has responded to police criticism of sentencing in South Australia, saying the comments fail to recognise the complexity of sentencing.

SA Police Commissioner Mal Hyde and Assistant Commissioner Tony Harrison have criticised sentences for gun-related crime as being too lenient at times.

The comments were made after bikie gang member Giovanni Focarelli was shot dead on Sunday night and his father Vincenzo was injured by four gunshots.

Chief Judge of the District Court Terry Worthington says judges must take into account numerous factors when sentencing, including the risk to public safety.


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