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Jail for Hells Angel who fired during `blitz'


A HELLS Angels bikie who fired a gun in a crowded kickboxing arena in the infamous `ballroom blitz' on the Gold Coast has been slapped with an 18-month jail sentence.

Terry Ian Polley, 49, of Adelaide, is the last outlaw motorcycle gang member to be put behind bars four years after the bloody turf war that erupted at the Royal Pines Resort on March 18, 2006.

Three people were shot and two were stabbed when 43 Finks Motorcycle Club members crashed the ticketed kickboxing event and confronted arch rival Hells Angels members over a bikie deserter.

Dramatic video footage captured by FoxSports and played before the Southport District Court today showed the quick descent of an organised sporting event into a vicious chaos as multiple gun shots split the air and desperate crowd members tried to escape the violence.

Crown prosecutor Mark Whitbread said the moment Finks member Nick 'The Knife' Forbes threw the first punch heralded the all-out brawl that cost the resort $40,000 in damages.

''From the first punch, chairs, glasses and plates became missiles and were hurled,'' he said.

Forbes and several other bikies from both clubs were jailed over the incident.

Polley admitted he had fired a borrowed gun in the air during the brawl but claimed he only did so to startle a man 'flogging' a 60-year-old Hells Angels member.

The video footage then showed him smashing chairs in the kickboxing ring and he also admitted to breaking other items.

Polley was charged with threatening violence at night which carries a maximum sentence of five years in jail and one count of affray.


Defence barrister Tony Kimmins argued Polley played a minor role in the incident and had effectively turned his life around in South Australia over the past four years.

He said Polley had not re-offended and was a father of three and a self-employed bobcat operator with a bright future.

Judge Kerry O'Brien sentenced him to an 18-month head sentence to be suspended after three months.



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