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Bikie jailed for refusing CCC requests

CHRISTIANA JONES, The West Australian March 8, 2011, 1:04 pm

A senior Finks bikie has been jailed two years for refusing to cooperate with the Corruption and Crime Commission.

Stephen John Wallace, 47, was sentenced by Chief Justice Wayne Martin in the Supreme Court for refusing to answer the watchdog's questions during an examination held by the Commission relating to a bikie brawl in Kwinana.

The court was told Wallace, who had three fingers severed in the clash between the Finks and rival gang the Coffin Cheaters, had answered "no comment" eighteen times.

Wallace's sentence today follows similar two-year prison stints handed to four other Finks bikies last month for also refusing to cooperate with the CCC during their investigations.

The Chief Justice said at the previous sentencing that a strong message had to be sent to organised crime gangs that declining to work with authorities would not be tolerated.

Counsel representing the CCC today, Darren Renton, said Wallace had been given repeated opportunities to cooperate with the watchdog and had made no apology for his refusal to do so.

Wallace had also declined to work with a psychologist and psychiatrist who were compiling reports for his sentencing.

Mr Renton said submissions that Wallace had not answered questions form the CCC because he had been in fear of retribution or reprisals were supported by no evidence.

The court was told Wallace had previous convictions for importing heroin.

Chief Justice Martin said it was "highly unlikely" Wallace would change his mind and cooperate with the CCC, although the opportunity was still open to him and could see his sentence changed.

Wallace was made eligible to apply for parole in December 2012.


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