The Great (big pain in the arse..) Rebuild!

20/2 In case ya thinkin this projects died in the arse, its only temporary till I get a bit more time and money....might be a few weeks tho. Off on a 900km odd ride this weekend, so just emptied the oil and changed the filter.Due to a small misunderstanding with 'er indoors we did a 60km drive for harley oil with no f!@#ing money on its up early tomorrow and back to the shop.Added a longer shift lever so Im not fighting to find it round those tanks..made from my boys old bike's stunt peg or whatever theyre called....


3/2 Found the bike was running a bit lean, misfiring on acceleration at 120ks 2 up, and backfiring on throttling off. Pulled the bowl off the carb and removed the main jet and midrange jets. Wish it was as quick as it sounds...takes a while to get aircleaner/backing plate /fuel line off and out of the way...and those rear carb screws...Christ the main was only a 76, was running bigger on the 103", so changed it to a 84. Changed the midrange from 31 to 33 and seems to be running a lot sweeter.Ordered a speedo cable locally, course they got the wrong back again when Im back home again..Found that the gas caps I need are in a catalogue. oh good only $154US each.grr...!@#.

Took the bike out Saturday, 150odd k's up to a mates farm for the night.Went well, great day until the thunderstorms rolled in around dark. Didnt dampen anyones enthusiasm for music and a few brews tho....Came back the next morning, down the freeway this time, the engine seemed to have no problem with it at around 120kms/hrs. Thought Id better put some instruments on this week, had em for weeks just no time. If anyones interested in doing this to a dyna, my advice is dont, its a pain in the arse.Nothing fits properly as nothings made for the dyna frame, ya gotta modify everything. For instance the bracket that holds the speedo, and that the dash is attached to has to be mounted to something, I ruminated for a day or so then came up with a fairly easy solution but its not 100% great. The dash attaches ok, but the speedo just doesnt want to sit right.Also the dash isnt following the lines of the tank too well at the front end...

Bit hard to see in the pic, but I drilled and tapped 2 1/4" holes in the frame, then cut 2 75mm spacers out of 20mm HD conduit to go under the bracket, then put in 2 1/4' bolts to hold the bracket down. Being an electrician I of course found the wiring of the idiot lights a breeze, and got it all right first time.. No, Im an idiot and wired the neutral and oil lights from the bulbs back to earth so they never went out.....( and not a drop of whisky past my must be having residual effects...gee could they charge more?.)



That corrected stuffed around getting everything to sit straight as possible. As mentioned theres a gap either side of the dash cos the dyna frames wider than a "normal" frame, so gotta get a leather filler/dash pad.

Ya may notice I changed the bars. Back to the old wide glide bars. Cos the others scratched the tanks. Once ,on right lock the throttle cables would hit, and on left lock when I fell over in the mud on my mates farm. First time for the g/f to bite the dust with me. However it wasnt the last for the weekend..long front end no make good mudbike!So not only is it the worlds worst paintjob its fucking scratched as well! aah well local painter quoted up to $200 per tank! so Ill be seeing him shortly, sounds too good to be true! You may also notice I have no proper gas caps yet due to J&P Cycles sending me tanks with fittings no-ones seen before! I specified normal cheap type too...aah well, a hunting I will go...Next major job (for me anyway...) is making some saddle bag brackets.


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